About Me

Fashion speaks volumes
What I love about fashion is all the preconceived notions about a person based on the social status, age, race and so on; is invisible. What you wear is who you are. (I say that loosey because Gucci, Chanel, Balenziaga and other high end fashion brands don’t make you fashionable; but how you wear it does.
I remember as a little girl my grandmother would give me her old shirts and we would see Barbie doll clothes together. Nothing fancy just easy items like tube tops dresses and skirts. I also remember using those shirts to make pieces for myself; being inspired by the music awards and music videos. I guess as a little girl my love for fashion began.
I continued in fashion by drawing in a book I kept with me. I fell in love with ART al together. To me fashion is apart of art. I enjoy photographing myself and my surroundings.
During high school my friends and I began pushing the limits with our fashion. We were so rebellious yet so trendy. I could remember skipping class n riding the bus to the short north, gallery hoping on high street (my fellow Cbus followers know what that is), and going to the hookah bar called shisha, further from OSU campus on high street.

In fashion everyone has a weakness mine are shoes. You’ll aslo learn that I can’t go without my jewelry and fur. I have favorite brands but I am not limited to what I wear or how I will wear it. I love shopping at Saks fifth ave for most of my pieces.
To understand fashion you have to live it. fashion has to be apart of your life 24/7. You should dream about fashion. (I know I do). Fashion has no rules which is why I could never work in retail again. I love breaking the rules. (I just had court today for a ticket going 33 mph over the speed limit); you will experience a cliff dive into fashion,if you follow my blog.

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