Summer day

It was one of those days where the sun shines and you feel hot for a moment but there was still a cold breeze…. 

Alma purse by Louis Vuitton

Monogrammed scarf by Louis Vuitton 

Spaghetti strap ruffled dress by Bebe

Sheep hair leopard print So Kate by Christian Louboutin 

18k gold President Rolex 

Feeling Inspired 






  My limited edition docs

 I had some really negative energy in my life recently and I must say I’m happy it is out of my life. I feel so much more inspired to be free and artistic. There is nothing worse than being with someone and yet feeling alone. I wish this person the best in their endeavors but I must say I’m so happy I don’t have to hear their pathetic whining and victimization stories. We all have gone through tragic things in our lives some worse than others but we all recover from it. I’m a firm believer in treating people the way you want to be treated. Our wounds and cuts make us they should not be able to break us. So today forward I promise myself to stay away from toxic people and to let me freakishly artistic flag fly.!!!!!!